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Want to find out if a highly personalized, off-site telphone receptionist service is right for your business? Take a minute and setup either a live or online tour by filling out the form on this page.

Our small, dedicated team of full-time Receptionists function as an extension of your staff and front-end for your business.

Your business calls are answered live at our Walnut Creek, CA location in under 4 rings. Calls you want are then privately announced and seamlessly connected back to you on any phone number. Calls you don’t want are redirected to a private voicemail box or messaged to you via e-mail or text.

You can train us to answer frequently asked questions, schedule appointments and, in some instances, even route service calls.

There are many ways we can customize our service to suit your needs. The best way to determine how you may wish to use us would be to schedule a Live Tour or an Online Meeting.

Live Tour


During a Live Tour, you will visit our office in Walnut Creek, CA where we will discuss your needs in more detail and make recommendations based on our years of expertise in customer management.


You’ll get a chance to meet your Reception team and see a live demo of our full capabilities. If you wish to move forward, we can customize a package for you and begin outlining your call handling procedures.


Online Tour


During an Online Tour, we will email you a link where we will share our screen and discuss your particular needs in more detail.


We will then demonstrate the capabilities of our call handling system and show you how we are assisting other clients. If you wish to move forward, we can customize a package and begin outlining your call handling procedures.